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Unit 4 Use Logotherapy with Mental Disorders (Logotherapy and Mental Health)

This unit describes the performance outcomes skills and knowledge required to use Logotherapy as an additional approach in client cases where a mental disorder may be diagnosed. It develops the skills and knowledge required to apply Frankl’s classification of mental disorders to Logotherapy practice and to use Logotherapy as an additional approach to assist clients to cope with disorders with physical or psychological etiologies.

  1. Frankl’s Classification System
  2. Logotherapy and Pre-Diagnosed Conditions
  3. Noogenic Neuroses and the Collective Neurosis

On completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Analyse Frankl’s dual-axis categorisation schema
  • Determine the etiology of the condition as situated in the somatic, psychic, noetic or a combination of these
  • Develop a plan for a Logotherapy encounter to address symptoms of noogenic neuroses or the collective neurosis


All Course notes, worksheets, readings and assessments are available to enrolled students. For each Unit there is a text book required. The Lifechange Therapies website has details.  

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