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Connecting Your Meaning of Life

Suffering, doing it tough and not feeling ok is a part of our life. That does not mean we have lost Meaning in life. Just your Meaning of Life is clouded over by overwhelming thoughts and feelings.  However, your unchanged self (Spirit) is intact.  Victor Frankl speaks of this as your “defiant power.”
We may be moulded by so many factors and experiences of the past.  Now you are going to mould yourself by your defiant power. We offer a space for Connecting Meaning for those who are searching for Meaning in:

Meet Our Logotherpists

Paul McQuillan PhD, Psy D., M. Ed., B.A., G. Dip Ed. St. (Ed.  Psych.), G. Dip Arts (Leadership), G. Cert. Corp. Mgmt.

Paul McQuillan is a registered Counsellor (PACFA No. 21993 – Clinical) and  a Member of the Viktor Frankl Institute (Vienna), a Faculty Member of the Viktor Frankl Institute (USA). He specialises in meaning of life issues, personal growth, relationships and cross-cultural issues.  He has worked as a high school teacher, Principal and system administrator across four states and territories. 

He is an Honorary Fellow of Australian Catholic University and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at University of Southern Queensland.

Motoko Shimokawa, M. Coun., M. Soc. Sc.(Coun)., G. Dip Ed., M.A., B.A.

Motoko Shimokawa is a registered counsellor (PACFA No. 25394 – Clinical). She specialises in cross-cultural issues, personal growth, family and relationships. Her background includes  social work both in Japan and Australia , Crisis Support and many years as a high school teacher, lecturer, pastoral carer and counsellor in various states and territories. 

She is a qualified interpreter and translator (English/Japanese). 

How to Book an Appointment

We offer online (via ZOOM) counselling appointments from our clinic in Oxley, Brisbane. We serve clients worldwide. Booking times are listed for Brisbane Australia. Book a convenient time and check for time zone differences.

Please email us with any questions.

Our fees are AUD$100 for a 1 hour session. For Australian residents if you have a health care card or are on a Centrelink benefit we offer a 50% reduction in fees. You cannot claim the cost via Medicare or a health fund. 

To book an appointment follow the instructions below and use our online booking form. To find out more send us a message using the form at the bottom of the page or call Paul on 0408 740 749.

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