Advanced Course in Logotherapy

The Advanced Course in Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy) Studies (Advanced Course in Logotherapy for short) consists of Four Units. We have a couple of payment options to help you save some money or to spread the course payments over 24 months. Or click on a Unit you wish to enrol in and progress through the enrolment process.


Full Course One Time Payment

Enrol in all Four Units of the Advanced Course in Logotherapy and save $200 of the individual Unit price. Price is $2000.00.

Full Course Monthly Payments

Select the monthly payment plan to spread the cost of the Full Course over 24 months. Price is $90.00 per month for 24 months.


Unit 1: Introduction to Logotherapy – Analyse Logotherapy in Therapeutic Practice

Learn about, the human spirit, finding meaning in unavoidable suffering, and gain insight into Logotherapy Techniques.


Unit 2: Logotherapy and the Human Condition – Use Logotherapy as a Psychotherapy Tool

Learn about the development of psychology, philosophy of existential analysis, and discovering meaning in daily living.


Unit 3: Develop Logotherapy Encounters

Learn about the steps of a Logotherapy intervention to create structured experiences that bring about motivation, values and attitudinal change


Unit 4: Use Logotherapy with Mental Disorders

Learn about Frankl’s Classification System for, pre-diagnosed conditions, Noogenic Neuroses and the Collective Neurosis.

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